Flying the (financial) flag for Lancashire

In celebration of Lancashire Day on Sunday 27th November, we want to reflect on all the reasons why we are glad our business is based in the Red Rose County.

With the Bank of England at its heart, it’s no wonder the City of London is home to most of the UK’s financial services organisations.

Here at Ideal4Finance, though, we are more than happy to have our base in Lancashire, which is where it all began for us in 2008. Our founders, Noel and Emily Corcoran, both grew up on the Fylde and feel a strong connection to the area and the people who call it home.

As it’s Lancashire Day on Sunday, we’ve been thinking about all the things we love about our County. “I love the natural friendliness of the people,” says Matthew, Head of Sales. “Most of my team spend a lot of time talking to potential customers, so it helps that they can put people at ease and make them feel relaxed.”

Managing Director, Mark Heckels, also feels the county’s people are what makes it special. “Finance is often seen as cold and corporate, but there is a genuine warmth about people in Lancashire, and I think our clients notice this, and appreciate it.”

Asking around the office, we have people who love the bright lights of Blackpool and others who escape to Beacon Fell or the Trough of Bowland whenever they can, to enjoy the amazing scenery. Lytham Festival gets the thumbs up, as does the Pleasure Beach, and there’s clearly no shortage of fantastic places to walk dogs!

When it comes to food and drink, you can’t beat fish and chips on the prom, but we also love our Lancashire pubs and restaurants. After all, what’s not to love about Lancashire Hot Pot and a pint of Pendle Witch!

All in all, we’ve decided Lancashire is the place to be. Our finance products are used by companies across the UK, from Belfast to Swansea, Kent to Kilmarnock, and we are really happy to be flying the flag for the Red Rose County. And who knows how much further we may go….

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