Celebrating Lancashire businesses on Lancashire Day

As a company with its roots firmly in Lancashire, we are proud to be working with businesses across the UK and beyond, providing them with retail finance and commercial finance solutions to help them secure more sales.

And with today being Lancashire Day, we’d like to shine the spotlight on one of our many Lancashire-based clients. We are so pleased to work in partnership with our neighbouring businesses, helping their operations to thrive and therefore contribute to our regional economy.

One such business is BGreenn in Blackburn, a renewable energy company established in 2010 which provides green technology solutions to domestic and commercial customers across the county. They teamed up with Ideal4Finance in August 2022, because they wanted to be able to offer flexible payments to their customers.

“Our domestic customers are homeowners of every type, from young couples to retired people and families of all sizes,” says Farhin Adam, Head of Operations. “They come to us because they want to install green energy solutions, but they don’t always want to spend all the money upfront. Being able to offer finance makes their decision-making much easier.”

The team at BGreenn chose the retail finance option, which enables them to offer 0% and fixed APR finance. “The zero percent finance in particular has proved very attractive to our customers, making our products more accessible and payment more manageable. We have definitely seen an increase in sales since we started offering finance,” says Farhin.

BGreenn have recently opened their innovative Renewable Energy Centre in Preston, where the public can just drop in to learn more about energy efficient technologies and solar living. The Centre raises awareness of the potential savings and environmental benefits of green energy, as well as highlighting the flexible payment options.

Farhin continues: “Embracing finance options for renewable energy not only empowers individuals and businesses to adopt sustainable practices but also serves as the catalyst for a greener future, where the upfront costs become stepping stones toward long-term environmental and economic benefits.”

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