David’s customer focus will set the standard

Last month, we welcomed David Rhodes as our Head of Customer Relationships, a newly created role which will allow a sharper focus on delivering exceptional customer service.

A member of the Senior Leadership Team, David oversees the whole of the operations department which includes our Relationship Managers and Loans Processors. He joined us following 25 years’ working in the leisure industry, specifically in a hospitality management role in the bingo halls of England and Wales.

David first came to Ideal4Finance to be interviewed for a Credit Controller role, which was not the right fit for his skills. When a restructure created the new Head of Customer Relationships role, it was obvious straight away who was the right person for the job.

MD Mark Heckels says: “It was clear from his original interview, that David’s strengths lie squarely in a customer-centric role and that he could bring so much experience and empathy to this part of our business.”

David settled into the new role remarkably quickly. Bingo and gaming, like financial services, are strictly controlled and regulated, so getting to grips with all the legislation and controls within our industry was not a problem. He inherited an enthusiastic, experienced team too, who helped him understand the details of the day-to-day operations.

“The team were so welcoming and a pleasure to work with,” says David. “I also appreciate the support of the senior managers, who agree completely that the way we treat our customers is absolutely key to the success of the business.”

David’s customer service ethos is based on his ‘Three Ps’, which he is happy to explain. “In all our dealings with customers, be they internal or external, we will be polite, positive and professional. If we demonstrate those three attributes in everything we do, we are heading in the right direction.”

The aim is to deliver an unparalleled standard of customer service, for both our external and internal customers.

“Our financial products are such a valuable tool for SMEs, but we all know that there are similar products on the market.

“I want our exceptional customer service to be the factor which sets us apart from the competition. I want our customers to recommend us to other businesses, because then you know for sure that you’re getting it right.”