Ideal customer finance plan leads to much better conversion rates

After trying several providers, this sunbed business finally felt the glow of a customer finance facility that works

Robert Chatterton and his son Nick set up their online business just last year, in March 2020. As its name suggests, sells an impressive range of high-quality tanning beds for both home use and commercial venues. They also stock a selection of cutting-edge LED therapy beds and collagen beds for skin treatments.

For many people, the healthy glow will never be out of fashion and attracts customers from all walks of life.  Many are in pursuit of a deeper colour whilst others enjoy the appearance of younger looking skin. There are beds which stimulate collagen production to improve skin’s suppleness and elasticity, and there are even beds to help combat acne, ease psoriasis and reduce the effects of pigmentation.

With so many different reasons for wanting a sunbed, it’s no surprise that Robert and Nick attract a diverse range of customers within a wide spectrum of purchasing power. “We don’t expect all our customers to have all the money upfront,” says Robert. “So, being able to offer customer finance with manageable monthly payments is absolutely crucial to our success.”

Despite setting up less than 18 months ago, Robert and Nick had already tried four or five finance companies before they partnered with Ideal4Finance in September last year.  “Too many of our customers were being turned down, often without a clear reason, but with Ideal4Finance we are seeing much better conversion rates.

“In fact, we’ve had more successful loan applications from Ideal4Finance than we had from all our other providers put together.”

In addition to their domestic customers buying sunbeds for the spare room or garage, also sells beds to commercial venues such as gyms, beauty salons and tanning studios. Robert and Nick say that being able to offer finance has made a huge difference to every area of their business.

“Our customers are delighted that finance is available and always very pleasantly surprised to learn that we won’t charge them extra for taking the finance option,” says Robert. “Our sales have definitely increased since we started using Ideal4Finance and we are very optimistic that this upturn will continue.”

Robert has been very impressed with the overall service delivered by Ideal4Finance. The feedback from his customers has been that the application process is very smooth and straightforward, with everything dealt with in a professional manner.

“We are very happy that we partnered with Ideal4Finance. Our account manager has been very helpful and is always available to answer any queries we have. We’ve also been able to integrate our customer finance facility with our Shopify store, so our online customers can benefit from flexible payments too. It’s great for business.”

Visit Robert and Nick’s business at and find our more about our customer finance solutions here.